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  • Chocolate contains an alkaloid called Theobromine. This drug is used as a diuretic, heart stimulant, vasodilator, and also smooth muscle relaxant but it can be poisonous in excess and some dogs appear to be particularly sensitive.

  • By definition, kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood.

  • Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) covers a variety of approaches to injury and disease which can be used alongside conventional medicine or in some cases replace it. Some of the therapies are becoming increasingly popular in the West.

  • All tissues and organs of the body may develop cancer (an abnormal overgrowth of their constituent cells).

  • The cornea is the clear part of the front of the eye through which the coloured iris can be seen. A corneal ulcer is an erosion of the outer layer of epithelial cells.

  • Traumatic cruciate damage is caused by a twisting injury to this hinge joint. It is most often seen in both dogs and footballers when moving at speed and suddenly changing direction so that the majority of the weight of the body is taken on the joint.

  • Cryosurgery is sophisticated frostbite. Natural, severe frostbite will affect the blood supply. Cryosurgery, (cryotherapy) employs the same principal.

  • Cushings Syndrome is a complicated condition caused by high circulating levels of cortisol (commonly known as cortisone) in the blood stream.

  • Cutaneous (reactive) histiocytosis is an uncommon condition of dogs. The condition is poorly described in the scientific literature and has various grades all of which may be found in one animal.

  • This is a common benign tumour of Langerhans cells. 99% are permanently cured by removing them surgically.

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