Small Mammals + Nutrition

  • In the wild, the ferret is a whole carcase feeder. It is an obligate carnivore with a very short gut and so is unable to deal with much, if any, fibre or carbohydrate in the diet.

  • Chinchillas should be offered good quality grass hay ad-libitum (available 24 hours a day). Pellets or concentrate foods should be given as a small quantity in addition to the hay.

  • In the wild rabbits spend many hours chewing grass. This is a tough fibrous material that also contains abrasive silicates.

  • Pet rodents can be fed a good, high quality rodent chow (pelleted food) available at pet stores.

  • Ferrets can make good pets. A commercial ferret food is normally recommended, and they easily learn to use a litterbox.

  • Mice are kept for many reasons, from being pets to prize show animals. They are not ideal pets in many ways but are easy to keep in captivity.

  • Rats are kept for many reasons from being pets to prize show animals. They are excellent pets, are easy to keep and you can develop good owner-pet relationships with them.

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