Small Mammals + Breeding

  • It has always been customary for vets to recommend surgical neutering of ferrets. Unfortunately, it is now clear that this has been a major factor in the large increase in cases of adrenal gland disease.

  • Should small mammals be neutered? Aside from birth control, there may be other issues at play.

  • Guinea pigs originated in South America but were probably introduced into Europe soon after the first Spanish explorers returned from that continent in the 1500s. Even though they came from a sub-tropical area these rodents proved to be hardy and adapted to temperate climates.

  • Mice are kept for many reasons, from being pets to prize show animals. They are not ideal pets in many ways but are easy to keep in captivity.

  • Rats are kept for many reasons from being pets to prize show animals. They are excellent pets, are easy to keep and you can develop good owner-pet relationships with them.

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