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  • Caesarian section is a major operation carried out to remove puppies that cannot be born normally. Both the anaesthetic procedure and the surgical technique are designed to ensure that recovery is as rapid as possible.

  • Calcium deposits in the skin have a variety of causes, usually of minor significance in the young but indicating serious disease in some older animals.

  • Various forms of calcium are available for supplementation. Calcium bound to lactate, citrate, ascorbate, and other organic acids appears more easily and completely absorbed than inorganic calcium supplements, such as calcium carbonate.

  • Calendula is a wonderful healing herb. Modern laboratory studies indicate that calendula flowers do indeed have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic (antibacterial and antiviral) properties, and may even offer immune-supporting actions.

  • The canary (Serinus canaria) is a very popular pet bird. They are known for their good nature, attractive plumage and remarkable singing ability.

  • When cancer is diagnosed improvements in our knowledge and new and evolving methods of treatment give options to owners and their veterinarians.

  • Middle aged dogs often suffer severe dental problems which frequently cause them considerable pain and discomfort.

  • Emergencies come in all forms: Road traffic accidents, bites, burns, heatstroke, poisoning and unconsciousness are but a few.

  • The hip is a simple "ball and socket" joint located at the top of both hind limbs. This joint has a wide range of movement in all directions and its efficient function is essential to normal hind limb movement.

  • In recent years, the use of modem veterinary equipment and a better understanding of the theory and practice of fracture repair, has resulted in an improved level of treatment for the cat with a fractured (broken) leg.

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