Application of Creams, Ointments & Lotions

A dog wearing an Elizabethan collarHaving been supplied with cream, lotion or ointment to apply, there is then the problem of how to apply it! Even the most biddable dog can object violently to applications on a sensitive area. It is hoped the following tips may be of help.

What is the difference between creams, ointments and lotions?

Creams are non-greasy. Ointments on the other hand have an oily base. Lotions are liquid preparations but are to all intents and purposes similar to creams and ointments as far as application is concerned.

Follow directions given regarding application of the product, e.g. using gloves etc. - this is quite important. 

Lotions are often applied on a piece of cotton wool or lint although today many preparations are available in a spray form.

My dog is perfectly alright until I try to put the preparation on and then he becomes very agitated.

This may be discomfort, actual pain or the feel of either. It is always a good idea to get someone to hold the dog if at all possible otherwise the application of a simple muzzle would be a good idea. We will advise regarding muzzles if you would like to contact us.

"It is always a good idea to get someone to hold the dog if at all possible otherwise the application of a simple muzzle would be a good idea."

I can apply the preparation but the dog licks it off as soon as it is applied.

A good tip in this case is to apply the product just before the dog is fed or alternatively just before exercise. There are some dogs that are inveterate lickers and these ruses are doomed to failure. It does help with most topical preparations if they are gently massaged in for a few moments after application. If none of these help, please contact us and will supply you with an Elizabethan collar. These are large plastic hoods which prevent the dog from licking at the affected area.

I have tried an Elizabethan collar but my dog goes crazy.

The majority of dogs are distressed by the collar initially because of its unfamiliarity. However applying it and then rewarding the dog with a titbit or alternatively taking him for a walk is quite a good idea. 

Approximately 80% of dogs will tolerate a collar with few problems. However wearing the collar in the house, particularly if a large size, can create hazards both for furniture and for people. Be warned.

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